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April 20, 2010 posted by

Bleu Edmondson’s “Southland”

Honestly, I love a live acoustic performance by one of my favorite artists just as much as the next fan. I do. You’ve got to admit it though; there comes a time when you’ve got to just rip the knob off and shake off the dust. This week’s episode fits on that side of the menu.The Texas Country sound, whatever that is, has evolved over the last decade. It’s one of the cooler things about the scene here. The rockin’ country or county-rock; the same kind of music that resonates with fans like myself, rides that line between the two genres a little looser these days. It’s a blending of all types of music. This is certainly not new territory. Texas artists like Doug Sahm and Willie Nelson are known for their ability to do so. Now, it’s just more prevalent in a generation of young musicians that grew up listening to a buffet of Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones mixed right in Waylon and Willie. You could fire off a thousand combinations, but the result is the same – it rocks. In the case of Dallas native Bleu Edmondson, he taps into his influences like Lyle Lovett and Robert Earl Keen nd mixes those with a heavy dose of Bruce Springsteen. The performance of his staple song “Southland” takes this phenomena one step further. I loved it! The song’s arrangement and instrumentation on the album The Band Plays On is a different breed than what Bleu and his band ripped into on the Texas Music Scene Soundstage. An evolution like that takes a little bit of road-wear before it can come out so amplified and arena-rock sounding. It reminds me of what Pat Green’s “Southbound 35” morphed into after only being a few years removed from it’s original album release. Like “Southland,” by the time Green re-recorded the song for his 2001 album Three Days, it had become a rock anthem with occasional fiddle. Both songs, for me at least, sound like Texas.

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