The ABC’s Countdown to Steamboat MusicFest 2015…

With Christmas officially a wrap, we can begin to focus on the next big event (no, we don’t mean New Year’s). We’re talking about MusicFest 2015! So let’s play a little catch-up and review our P’s, Q’s and R’s for the festival!


Paul Thorn: Although coming in to just his second year at MusicFest, Paul Thorn has been pleasing crowds in the South with his honest, first-hand experience take on music. 2014’s Too Blessed To Be Stressed will bring fresh new music to his stage, along with favorites from any of his five albums he has released in the past 17 years. You can catch Paul Thorn either Tuesday or Wednesday evening at the Sheraton Ballroom. PaulTHorn

Photo Gallery: Make sure you check out the MusicFest website’s photo gallery! You never know who you’ll see in the pictures- maybe even yourself! So if you see any of those great MusicFest contributing photographers (such as our very own Todd Purifoy), strike a pose! You might make the site!

Pizza: The brother to our friend “french fry”, pizza is the term used for when your skis are tilted together to help you move down a slope.


Questions: If you’ve got a question about MusicFest of any kind, Dickson Productions set the MusicFest website up to make your answers easy to access. There’s even a section that covers the most frequently asked questions. Once you’re at the festival, any one of the friendly Dickson Productions staff on site will be happy to help you out in any way as well. Remember: there’s no such thing as a stupid question! Well, for the most part, anyway…


Reservation Launch: If you want to be one of the lucky ones to score a spot at MusicFest, you’ve got to know the reservation launch date. You can find this out on the MusicFest website and by signing up for the online newsletter. Once that reservation launch date hits, you can call the Dickson Productions office to make your reservation. They get completely swamped, so it’s a good idea to set aside some free time to try to get through, and to have a few lodging choices in mind. A $100 deposit is required to make your reservation, which is then applied to the price of your trip.

Rental Shops: Dickson Productions offers several ski and snowboard rental locations. They offer storage on-site to keep you from having to lug your equipment around, and are all conveniently located. By the way, if you pre-order your rentals through DP, you save 50%. Not too shabby.

Restaurants: There are 10 restaurants and bars spread over the five mountaintops, and several more once you head towards town. There really is something for everyone, and come on… the food you’re gonna find in a fancy ski resort town is bound to be pretty darn tasty.

Radney Foster: Not only is he a performer at MF15, he’s officially a legend. Dickson Productions was proud to name Radney Foster the 2015 MusicFest Tribute Artist. The incredible performing artist and songwriter had had a major impact on the music we love and has played a huge part in the molding of so many artists we enjoy today. He will be honored with tribute performances from several MusicFest artists

Then will be performing a special acoustic set himself. It’s happening Thursday in the Grand Ballroom at 2:00 pm. You don’t want to miss this.

Randy Rogers Band: Randy Rogers Band will be performing at MusicFest for their 12th time in 2015, and it seems their shows just keep getting better and better. Rolling Stone magazine named them a must-see live act alongside the Stones, for Pete’s sake. Their music has the ability to somehow connect with everyone, and their concert turn out proves that theory right. You’ve got a couple of different chances to catch RRB in the Big Tent, and you can catch an autograph and photo opp with the boys at the Justin Boots Booth on Thursday afternoon between 1:00 and 2:00.

Reckless Kelly: Music runs through the blood of the Reckless Kelly boys. The appreciation and respect for the band from friends and artists alike runs rampant, and the band has proved their outstanding talent over and over with every album they release. Coming into their 12th year at MusicFest, Reckless Kelly brings an unforgettable performance to the table and fan favorites that keep the crowd coming back for more. 2013’s Long Night Moon just proves that the boys keep getting better and better with every passing year. Don’t miss Reckless Kelly on Tuesday night in the Big Tent!

Roger Creager: One of the longest-running MusicFest artists, Roger Creager will be returning to the festivities for the 17th time in 2015. His adventurous spirit shines through in his music, and he’s got seven albums and one hell of a live show to prove it. He will be bringing 2014’s Road Show to MF15 and you’ve got three chances to catch him live at a variety of venues.

Runout: A runout is the wide, flat area at the end of the run that allows you to slow down rather than crash-land. Remember: pizza…pizza…pizza…turn the skis….you’ve got this…

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