The ABC’s Countdown to Steamboat MusicFest 2015Jack


Shinyribs: Shinyribs is soul. There’s no other word for it, and there’s no other experience like the one you’ll get from a Shinyribs show. The afterthought of frontman Kevin Russell’s former project, The Gourds, Shinyribs has proven to be a vital unit of creativity and charisma in the music scene with a bit of their own cult following. The passion and inhibition of Russell’s performance combined with his incomparable voice makes Shinyribs one MF15 show you simply can’t miss, and will give you a sense of freedom and appreciation you won’t forget.

Stoney LaRue: One of the longest-running MusicFest veterans, Stoney LaRue is a face of appreciation and dedication to creating incredible music. From the notorious “yellow house” he shared with fellow legends Cody Canada and Jason Boland in Stillwater, OK to the national attention his music is quickly gaining, LaRue just doesn’t quit. Coming off 2014’s Aviator, Stoney just proves he’s getting better and better. His beautiful and relatable songwriting and unmistakable voice has built a huge following for LaRue and has proven to be a fan favorite year after year.

Sheraton Ballroom: The Sheraton Ballroom is the newest addition to the great family of MusicFest venues. Located in the Sheraton Hotel, a gig in the Ballroom is an experience you wont want to miss.

Saddles Bar: Saddles Bar at the Sheraton is a great place to catch some great little intimate shows, a delicious lunch, or a few drinks. The views are fantastic with a big outdoor deck perfect for a photo opp.

Steamboat Base Club: The Base Club is the perfect late night spot to unwind and relax. Located in the heart of Torian Plum Plaza, it offers great acoustic performances and a comfortable setting.

Steamboat Grand Ballroom: The site of the 2015 MusicFest Tribute to Legend Radney Foster, The Steamboat Grand Ballroom with a stage and sound to match the amazing quality of the music itself. The venue offers nightly performances that often end up being the talk of Musicfest.

Also performing: Shane Smith, Sam Riggs

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