The ABC’s Countdown to Steamboat MusicFest 2015

U, V, W

Uncle Lucius: Uncle Lucius is returning to MusicFest for their fifth time this year, and we couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s hard to compare Uncle Lucius to any other artist because their sound is so unique to their own style and it definitely works. Bluesy and soulful, honest and raw, their music lingers with the listener and has a way of making us think and feel connected to each other on a deeper level. The Austin, Texas boys will be at The Dung Beetle on Tuesday afternoon and The Big Tent Wednesday night.

Wade Bowen: With the release of his self-titled album, 2014 was a huge success for Wade Bowen and his band. The guys are quickly gaining national attention and we’re the lucky ones to get in on the live Wade Bowen experience this MusicFest. For thirteen years, highly respected Wade Bowen has been taking the MF stage, bringing down-home, honest music to their ever-growing loyal fan base. There is sincerity and a touch of sweetness in his music that reflects the good nature of the band and a feel-good vibe that no listener can deny. You can catch Wade atMusicfest the Justin Boots booth and twice on the MusicFest stage this year, giving you plenty of opportunity to experience this MusicFest great in real life. (Maybe you can even wish the boys well as they bring Texas music to the national spotlight, performing live on Conan O’Brian later this month!)

Whiskey Myers: If you’re looking to get schooled in southern rock, a Whiskey Myers performance is waiting for you at MF15. Gritty and soulful, the boys make honest music and put on a hell of a show. As reflected in 2014’s Early Morning Shakes, Whiskey Myers creates direct, passionate, story telling music that covers the full array of life experience and perspective, giving us something we can connect to during our highs and our lows. You can catch Whiskey Myers twice at MF15- you wont’ want to miss it.

Wristbands: when you get your wristbands at check-in, put them on and don’t take them off until MusicFest comes to a close, no matter what! Your wristband will be your MusicFest lifeline, and they can’t be replaced if you lose them. Put the scissors down and walk away slowly….

Weather: It looks like we can expect some pretty nice weather during MusicFest week, with some snow fall at the beginning and the end of the week, and some sunshine and temperatures above freezing in the middle. We can’t wait to see you all up there!

Also performing: William Clark Green, Will Hoge, Willis Alan Ramsey


  1. Karl Stephen Brunig
    Feb 27, 2015 @ 10:35:19

    This event is on my Bucket List…just can’t make it this year. I love the way you describe Uncle Lucius. That’s how people describe the music I write. Thanks for supporting Texas Music!


  2. Austin guitar player
    Apr 15, 2015 @ 09:45:52

    Gotta get up to Steamboat this year, I’m a big Whiskey Meyers fan. It’ll be great to hear ‘Shelter from the Rain’ live!


  3. Lisa Rawlings
    Nov 15, 2015 @ 20:46:46

    ABC’s Countdown for MusicFest 2016 is pending?


    • Todd
      Nov 16, 2015 @ 11:42:53

      Possibly. We will probably get something out there!


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