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Ray Benson stock screaming.1TexasMusicScene.com is the digital companion to “The Texas Music Scene” television series. Hosted by nine-time Grammy winner Ray Benson, “The Texas Music Scene” television series features both the young artists and the legends that have come to define this unique and amazing music scene.

When Ray Benson talks about his involvement in the program, he can’t help but reference another iconic music television series. “I tried to get Austin City Limits to do this type of show for years, something that’s all about Texas,” says Benson. “The talent here is unlike anywhere else and we’ve got a lot of it, even if Nashville hasn’t figured that out yet.”

The Texas Music Scene (TMS), which is now entering its sixth full year on the air, is a top rated show in its time period and is now seen by as many as 250,000 viewers each weekend in every city and town across Texas as well as on channels in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado. TMS celebrates the unique music created in the Lone Star State with a focus on country, americana, folk and blues artists.

“It has a pretty wide reach” says Kevin Fowler “People are always seeing it, even my crazy family. It comes up all the time at my shows, too.”

Unlike Austin City Limits and many other live music programs, TMS gives the viewer unique access to these artists. “I wanted to give our viewers an experience that’s different than when you are out at a concert,” said Tom Hoitsma, the executive producer of the show. “It’s great fun to see these acts live but you can’t really get up close and personal with them at a live show. With the television series we’re focused on delivering a more intimate viewing experience.”

“Whether it’s someone new or a long-running band like The Gourds, it’s good to turn on the TV and see there’s someone dedicated to putting Texas artists on a show like this.” says Cody Canada of The Departed.

Benson said he’d been approached many times over the years about hosting or in some way helping produce a Texas-focused music program, but until he met Hoitsma and his team no one was willing to commit the necessary resources to do it right. “We’re finally giving acts who until now have only been able to connect with their fans through their live performances a way to reach a far larger audience.” he said. “It gets their face and their sound way out there.”

The show’s ratings success in Texas and the region virtually guarantees a national and possibly an international distribution deal in the not too distant future. “I have one focus and that’s to get this fantastic music heard by as many people as possible.” says Hoitsma. “The music speaks for itself. My job, in addition to producing the best program possible, is to fight for access to the biggest national and international distribution systems.”

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