This week’s episode of The Texas Music Scene has some ying and yang symmetry in the lineup. You may be asking, “What the…”

Hold on. Let me explain.

Well, first we’ve got a bona fide Honky Tonk King in Kevin Fowler. We’ve got a backstage look at the Honky Tonk Kid. Aaron Watson, and his latest live album. Before I move on, both of those artists are from Amarillo, Texas. The World’s Largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth is our apropo Texas Legend. So, in order to balance it all out and not go too overboard with the HT theme, we had to finish off the program with the intellectual stylings of the always compelling Ray Wylie Hubbard.

Kevin Fowler’s on stage persona has always been one of his biggest claims to fame. His song “Beer Season” was a great song choice for the Texas Music Soundstage because he gets to really show-off his stage presence. Our production crew was completely blown away by Kevin’s band. They’re a tight unit with a really good sound.
Right before our sit-down interview with Kevin he was working away on his phone all the way up to this first question. Between frequent, personalized Twitter updates to messaging members of his team, he was tearing up his smart phone’s keyboard with a vengeance. Kevin is currently in the studio working on tracks with David Lee Murphy. He has some big plans for the rest of this year, and new record deal in tow.

Aaron Watson, The Honky Tonk Kid, has a pretty special place in the hearts of The Texas Music Scene. Aaron and the rest of his creative production team including Ray Benson, Gino Genaro and Sam Seifert all played a large role in getting this TV project off the ground. I had a blast with Aaron during his interview, and the entire production of Deep in the Heart of Texas: Aaron Watson LIVE. We were thrilled to be a part of it. Watson is an artist that keeps his fans first. It’s the reason why he did the Live CD/DVD in the first place.

Ray Wylie Hubbard is another example of what I like to call renaissance men in Texas Music. He is a jack of all trades – screenplay writer, song writer, guitar picker, poet, and mentor to many in this scene. He is so damned witty and full of character. When I think of the great Texas Music storytellers, his name is always top of mind..
After he finished performing for the camera which included an amazing version of “Drunken Poet’s Dream,” Hubbard commenced to performing his interview. That’s exactly what it was – a performance. But he’s genuine though; nothing fake or contrived. He answers honestly and thoroughly. We touched upon a lot of subjects. And of course, we’ll have it all coming down this digital pipeline soon enough. One topic that stood out the most from our conversation was his explanation of his latest album’s title – A. Enlightenment B. Endarkenment (Hint: There Iis No C).

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