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March 19, 2014 posted by

American IdolWhen American Idol first came out, I thought the concept was interesting. I was disappointed that they didn’t seem to encourage, or even allow original music to be part of the mix. They didn’t allow musicians to play their instruments either (they do now, but it seems to be more of a prop and a crutch for most). However, I thought the concept itself was interesting.  The optimistic side of me thought it might serve as a platform for introducing the world to something new/different/original. There were some talented people in the early seasons. It quickly jumped the shark though, and has seemingly gone downhill ever since. I am sure it is still wildly popular with the masses, but not to the extent that it once was. There are clearly better “talent-search” shows out there now. “The Voice” is a much cooler concept…at least in the initial stages of blind auditions.

This season is the worst I have seen. The talent pool is shallow to say the least. But, they will promote the eventual winner to no end, and as long as Harry Connick Jr keeps telling America that it is the most talented field ever, people will buy into it.

They have 10 finalists right now, and I can EASILY name 10 artists who write, sing, and play better than any of them. I am guessing many of you could as well.

It all makes me wonder what would happen if you had a contest type show like this, with the same level of resources behind it, but allowed it to be about original music. I wonder why no one nationally has tried to open that door. No bubblegum pop covers, no bro-country…just genuine artists doing original music. It would be a game-changer and introduce the masses to an entirely new source of music that they will likely never be exposed to.  Rather than chasing the popular trend, maybe it could SET the trend by exposing the truly original and creative artists out there who poses all the tools.

I know what the general feeling is towards such programming among our followers.  This is really more about the idea of an outlet for original music than another rant about American Idol, and what it would take to get those type of resources around such a thing.

What do you think?


  1. Nikki Silvestri
    Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:33:08

    I think this concept is pure genius, gives us a chance to hear and feel Americas voice in song. Not just the crap that is over popularized on the radio, the same generic sing a long. We can to hear, feel, and breath something that is unique to that person. And I think it creates something so much more than searching for just new acts you could find a lot of talented writers this way as well, and give people a chance to show case there writing talent, I would go as far as… Maybe people who try out don’t neccisarly do well on stage but there writing is phenomenal, pair them up with someone on the show to cowrite originals for the artist to perform, and then at the end of it you get a signed artist and a writer a pub deal, and they create pure magic together.


    • Todd
      Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:56:18

      That is an interesting concept too. The writing aspect is important for something built around originality. It would certainly be interesting to see how that could be worked in as well for writers who may not necessarily be performers. But, if you think about it, that is sort of the beauty of some artists…certainly in Americana. Some folks who are incredibly successful are simply genius songwriters, and rely almost entirely on that songwriting genius as opposed to pure vocal ability and gymnastics.


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