Shawn Fussell

Born in the north Texas town of Sherman, Shawn Fussell began playing guitar at the age of eleven. “My mom told me the pictures and the clock would rattle on the walls,” he recalls. “In fact, my finger-picking style of guitar playing was created when I’d lay in bed at night as a kid, when I should of be resting for school the next day. I learned how to play gently with my fingertips so I wouldn’t have to strum chords with a pick, thus making it less audible from the hallway. At the time I had no idea that I was shaping the way I’d play guitar for life.” He came up doing the equivalent of blue-collar work in music; playing cover songs with his band, Channel One, in the no-name watering holes in roadside north Texas strip centers. He made the most of the grind, however, learning to gauge what moved an audience. In 2005, Shawn Fussell packed up and headed south to Austin, Texas put down the Top 40 set list and recorded his first project Back To Zero.

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