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American Idol Musings

March 19, 2014 posted by

When American Idol first came out, I thought the concept was interesting. I was disappointed that they didn’t seem to encourage, or even allow original music to be part of the mix. They didn’t allow musicians to play their instruments either (they do now, but it seems to be more of a prop and a crutch for most). However, I thought the concept itself was interesting.  The optimistic side of me thought it might serve

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Official Press Release: “WADE BOWEN CLASSIC” CELEBRITY GOLF TOURNAMENT AND CONCERT SET FOR JUNE 1 & 2 IN WACO, TX Golfer Registration & Concert Tickets Go On Sale This Friday February 28th Nashville, TN – (Feb 24, 2014) – Award winning singer/songwriter Wade Bowen will host his 16th Annual Bowen Classic celebrity golf tournament and concert benefiting the Bowen Family Foundation on June 1st and 2rd, in Bowen’s hometown of Waco, TX. Wade Bowen and

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Hayes Carll and Bob Schneider Tour

February 13, 2014 posted by

From American Songwriter: Hayes Carll and Bob Schneider will co-headline The World’s Greatest Living Songwriters Of All Time Tour, which kicks off March 20 in Alexandria, Virginia, at the Birchmere. The tour will make its way out to the West Coast where it will conclude in Portland on June 28. The ‘World’s Greatest’ tour marks the first time these  Texans will share a stage. Read More here:  http://www.americansongwriter.com/2014/02/hayes-carll-bob-schneider-announce-joint-tour/

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http://www.myfoxaustin.com/story/24565552/groups-work-to-help-repair-damaged-baseball-field?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=9778023 Many kids have their first encounter with baseball through a little league team. But in one of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in Austin, getting the right equipment doesn’t come easy. Making it big time in baseball is a tall task. But it all starts on a much smaller field. A little league one like east Austin’s Mabson Field, only this field has seen better days. But several groups are working together to bring it

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MusicFest 2014 Day 2

January 17, 2014 posted by

Well…with Day 1 in the books, a few hours sleep, it was time to get cracking on Day 2.  Each day for me starts at about 7:00am as I process as many shots from the previous day as possible.  While those are dumping to my computer, I usually make something delicious and healthy for breakfast…like chili.  Don’t judge. Once those images are ready, I put them into a slideshow, burn them to DVD and run

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