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Monday – October 21, 2013


Tori Martin has a date with destiny, and the favorite rest stop on the way is the Cluttered Corner where legends and legends-to-be sit a spell…watch our chat above!

Saints Eleven frontman Jeff Grossman brings a timeless front-porch feel to the Cluttered Corner so genuine you can smell the bayou slowly drift on by.  Watch that incredible performance at

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How cool is this?! Micky and the Motorcars song “Carolina Morning” will be heard in a 55 sec bar scene clip on “The Good Wife” on Oct 20th on CBS!



Charla Corn is not only a Texas singer/songwriter but she also “moonlights” as a Morning Show personality alongside Justin Frazell on 95.9 The Ranch.  Up every weekday at 3am, on-air from 5:30-10am, then out and about making music and being a wife to her husband and super mommy to her 7 month old baby girl!

She’s now adding webisode diva to her list of “jobs!”  CORN FED is a series of webisodes that gives her ‘Corn Stalkers’ a glimpse into her busy life.  She shares beauty secrets, easy family recipes, life tips, product reviews and much more!  Check it out each Wednesday



A big ol congrats to Rodney Hayden!  He and his wife are expecting their first baby on December 20th, a boy they’ll name Wyatt Lowell Hayden.



There’s been a lot of talk lately by different bloggers and even artists about what is happening to the Texas/Red Dirt Music scene.   They are saying its dying, changing and becoming more like Nashville every day.  I’ve mostly kept my mouth shut on these type of discussions over the years but I think that since I turned 40, I’ve decided I really don’t care what people think.  So here’s my take.

YES, this music scene has changed…AGAIN.   (cue the music from my favorite show “Law & Order” – duh duh)

Yes that was overly dramatic and my point exactly.  People are getting all wound up over something that has happened as long as I can remember.  In the past 13 years that I’ve been working behind the scenes, there have been MANY ebbs and flows of the “type” of music that’s been released.  And when it’s happened, lots of folks have either been really happy for the change or not.  Guess what?  That happens in every “scene.”  Popularity of a “sound” changes with competition.  Let me break it down another way:

1.This scene is a business.  (I know there are music snobs who hate this but it’s true.)  Again, like every other scene.  And business means there will be competition.  Whether it’s good or bad.

2. Do I believe there are too many CRAPPY bands out there trying to make it?  HELL YES.  Is it right that their mama told them they could sing, when in fact they really can’t?  HELL NO.

Let me say this again: There are too many CRAPPY bands out there.  But can you honestly blame them for trying?  We have the best damn audiences to perform in front of.  Our fans are passionate.  We either love ya or we hate ya.  When we love you, you are shown it with our money and our enthusiasm.

If you don’t like a band, that’s OK.  And here’s the most important bit of info I can share: When enough of us don’t like them, they will eventually go back to their day jobs and give up.  Shocking concept, I know.

3. Does the entire scene sound like a majority of the crap coming out of Nashville?  Thankfully, no.

When I look at the current (as of Oct 14) Texas Music Chart, I can honestly only count thirteen songs I TRULY like.  Is that sad?  No.  When I look at the Nashville charts, I can only count two.  I think what it boils down to is that everyone has their favorites.

If the scene doesn’t sound like their favorite at the time, they feel it must be dying.  That’s simply not true.  Promote and expose your favorites to the world. That’s how the scene grows and goes back to the way YOU like it.  

So I guess my main point is this scene is just like the Texas weather, if you don’t like it currently, wait a few minutes, it’ll change.

And this scene will change…again. 

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