MusicFest 2014 Day 2

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Well…with Day 1 in the books, a few hours sleep, it was time to get cracking on Day 2.  Each day for me starts at about 7:00am as I process as many shots from the previous day as possible.  While those are dumping to my computer, I usually make something delicious and healthy for breakfast…like chili.  Don’t judge.

Once those images are ready, I put them into a slideshow, burn them to DVD and run them over to the tent.  They run those pictures in between sets so I have to get them there plenty early.  I usually wrap that up about noon and start getting ready for the first show of the day.


One this day, that was Shinyribs (along with the Tijuana Trainwreck) at the Outdoor Stage!  Good times.  I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Shinyribs was one of the highlights this year.  It seemed like they played everywhere.  The crowd loved these guys, and their outdoor show started drawing people in immediately.

Tijuana Trainwreck







Right after this set, I quickly made my way over to the Steamboat Grand for what was sure to be another great set.  This was an acoustic set of Stoney LaRue, Dean Dillon, and Paul Thorn.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this one as I figured most of the room would not know Paul Thorn.  Well…they do now.  Paul brought his A game and it showed.  I was hoping we’d get a little interaction between Stoney and Paul as they are both really funny, but with Mr. Dillon in the middle, I assume everyone was on their best behavior.  Ha

Either way, it was a tremendous set and I am really happy that I stuck around a little longer than normal for this one.

Stoney Larue Dean Dillon Paul Thorn

No big deal, but right after that, JD Souther performed.  If you don’t know who JD Souther is, he pretty much wrote (among MANY other things) most of the Eagles hits, including “Best of My Love“, “Victim of Love“, “Heartache Tonight“, and “New Kid in Town.”

JD Souther











I stuck around as long as I could get away with, and then hustled over to Bear River to catch a little bit of the Rankin Twins.

Rankin Twins











From there, it was a cold jog over to the MusicFest Tent to get a little, “Hold My Beer and Watch This” with Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers.  I was lucky enough to catch a couple of special appearances by Bruce Robison and then Paul Thorn doing “Mood Ring.”

No surprise here, but this was a great set.  Brady Black joined the guys on stage and everyone kept the crowd entertained throughout.

Randy Rogers

Paul ThornWade Bowen



















I grabbed a slice of pizza, and bolted back to the Grand Ballroom to see Stewart Mann play a few.Stewart Mann

After a little bit of Stewarts set, I ran to the Sheraton ballroom to catch Uncle Lucius doing their “Red Headed Stranger” set.  If you haven’t seen this, you should seek it out.  They basically cover the whole Willie album, “Red Headed Stranger.”  VERY cool indeed…

Kevin Galloway















From the Ballroom, I made the quick jump to the new Base Club to see some of my favorites, Walt & Tina.  Bill Small sat in with them.  This is a really cool room, and I hope more people catch on to it in the future.  Walt & Tina were just as awesome as ever, and seemed to really enjoy the intimate room.  Walt & Tina are two of my favorite human beings on the planet.  They are just the sweetest, kindest, and most talented people you could ever be so lucky to meet.  I could listen to this all night long, but there is work to do, and miles to trek yet.

Walt and TIna

Tina Wilkins

Walt Wilkins


Back to the Grand for a little Dirty River Boys.  It goes without saying, but these guy put on an amazing show every time they hit the stage.  Leave your troubles at the door…like it or not.

Dirty River Boys Dirty River Boys











Now back to the Tent one more time to finish my night off with the MusicFest Jam hosted by Cody Canada.  I arrived to catch Turnpike Troubadours on stage with Kevin Russell of Shinyribs.  Eventually hitting the stage were Johnny Burke, American Aquarium, Kevin Fowler, Whiskey Myers, Eric Middleton, Charlie Robison, Cadillac Three, Charlie Worsham, Randy Rogers Band, Wade Bowen, and then a big free for all jam including just about everyone.  Great way to close out a LONG day…now to the bar.



Turnpike Troubadours American Aquarium Charlie Worsham Wade Bowen Cody Canada Charlie Robison Cadillac Three Whiskey Myers Eric Middleton Cody Canada Randy Rogers Randy Rogers Turnpike Troubadours Johnny Burke























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