Howdy everyone … I’m taking over blogging duties for my friends at Texas Music Scene for at least awhile. Thanks to several years of playing, opening, working, writing about, and attending what has to be hundreds of Texas Music concerts, there’s a good chance I’ve already met a lot of you in person.

This TV show has already gone where no other show has gone by consistently showcasing independent-minded talents that have connected with fans in a way I’ve always admired and strove to be a part of. They tour constantly, write songs that hit their audiences at gut level (or sometimes just give them a good laugh or a hearty “hell yeah”) and more often that not gladly step into the crowd themselves after the show’s over. Most serious (and many casual) fans of this kind of music have more than one memory of bellying up to the bar next to their life-sized heroes, chatting them up in the parking lot, or at least exchanging a nice handshake and a few kind words over a merch table someplace. You don’t get that with flavor-of-the-month pop stars or stadium-packing glitter rockers (some of which call themselves “country“ for better or worse).

So yeah, long live Texas Music Scene … in the last season and this one, you’ll see guys who pack houses all over the state alongside some cool up-and-comers and a handful of honky-tonk veterans. They’ll share not only their music but some face time with the audience, talking about the legends that inspired them, the road they call home, and their best guess at what tomorrow holds for them and the music they hold dear. Watch it with me, and check back at often because I’ll be swinging in several times a week to write about the songs, shows, artists and albums we love.


Mike Ethan Messick

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