Rankin Twins

April and Amy Rankin entered the world as identical twins.  Growing up in the small Gulf coast town of Portland, Texas, the young, curly-haired duo proved at an early age that they were indeed a very unique pair. From performing their favorite country tunes at family gatherings to line dancing at country dance halls with their parents in Portland, the Rankin Twins had a natural gift for capturing everyone’s attention.  After graduating college Amy’s life took a left turn, first with a bad breakup and then having to undergo two separate operations to remove a brain tumor. Like many artists, Amy found an escape in the form of writing music, and “Headaches & Heartbreaks” was born. More songs kept coming, and the Rankin Twins started collaborating until they had enough material for an EP.  Their first single off their EP of the same name, “Headaches and Heartbreaks,” reached number 41 on the Texas Charts.


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