Micky and the Motorcars

Micky and the Motorcars, with their own band of Americana rock, bring an optimism and integrity only acquired after performing so long the only thing left to tell is the truth.  Eleven years and six albums after Micky and the Motorcars was founded in Challis, Idaho, the band still writes more than 90 percent of its music as it defines the lives of brothers Micky Braun (vocals, acoustic guitar) Gary Braun (vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica) Joe Fladger (bass), Dustin Schafer (lead guitar) and Shane Vannerson (drums, percussion).   Micky and the Motorcars may be self-described as “a little rough around the edges,” but with its rocking sound, MMC shares real thoughts, is full of depth, and has a honest, raw emotion and energy bleeding through Micky’s heart straight out into the crowd. In April 2012, tragedy struck the band when original bassist Mark McCoy went missing following rafting accident on the Salmon River in Stanley, Idaho.  McCoy's body was later recovered at the Sunbeam Dam near the mouth of the Yankee Fork River.


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  • Micky & The Motorcars:
    Big Casino
  • Micky & The Motorcars:
    Raise My Glass
  • Micky & The Motorcars:
  • Micky & The Motorcars:
    Road Story
    Grandma’s Car
  • Micky & The Motorcars:
    Long Enough to Leave

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