Kris Kristoffersen

Kris Kristoffersen earned a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University where he first began writing songs.  After graduating, under family pressure he joined the army becoming a helicopter pilot.  After leaving the Army in 1965, Kris Kristoffersen moved to Nashville. He got a job sweeping floors at Columbia Studios in Nashville. There he met Johnny Cash, who initially accepted some of Kristofferson's songs but chose not to use them.  He also worked as a commercial helicopter pilot at that time for a south Louisiana firm called Petroleum Helicopters International (PHI), based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Kris Kristoffersen recalled of his days as a pilot, "... I would work a week down here [in south Louisiana] for PHI, sitting on an oil platform and flying helicopters. Then I'd go back to Nashville at the end of the week and spend a week up there trying to pitch the songs, then come back down and write songs for another week ... 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' I wrote sitting on top of an oil platform. I wrote 'Bobby McGee' down here, and a lot of them [in south Louisiana]"

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    Kris Kristofferson

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