Guy Clark

Born in Monahans, Texas, on November 6, 1941, Guy Clark grew up in a home where the gift of a pocketknife was a rite of passage and poetry was read aloud. At age 16 he moved to Rockport, on the Texas Gulf Coast and learned to play on a $12 Mexican guitar. Moving to Houston, Guy Clark began his career during the "folk scare" of the 1960s. He started played traditional folk tunes on the same Austin-Houston club circuit as Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker.  in the 60's Guy moved to moved to the Los Angeles area, where he found work building guitars.  He relocating to Nashville in 1971.  The following year, country-folk singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, then newly ensconced in Austin, released an eponymous album featuring the Clark composition "L.A. Freeway," which became an FM radio hit. In 1973, Walker released Viva! Terlingua which also included Clark's ballad "Desperados Waiting for a Train". These two Guy Clark songs may arguably be said to have set the tone for what was first known as progressive country and eventually as the Outlaws.

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