Cross Canadian Ragweed

After forming in Yukon, Oklahoma, they moved to the college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Cross Canadian Ragweed had already received significant college radio airplay before it released its first album, Carney in 1998. Cross Canadian Ragweed released Live and Loud at the Wormy Dog Saloon in 1999 and Highway 377 in 2001, all on their own independent label Underground Sound.
In 2002 they released a self-titled album also known as "the purple album" due to its cover color, which is a tribute to the band's "little sister" "Mandy Ragsdale". who had recently died in an auto accident.  Their 2004 offering Soul Gravy debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Country charts. In October 2005, the band released their album Garage featuring the single "Fightin' For," which became the first top 40 hit for Cross Canadian Ragweed on the country charts.  IN all they released 10 albums.  In September 2010, singer Cody Canada officially announced the band was calling it quits.

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