The Texas Music Scene is an idea that has been cooking for about 5 years.  Sometimes good things do come to those who wait and it feels like we have been waiting for a long, long time to finally get this show on the air. But the concept of the show is really very simple.  We all love our Texas Music and the artists who make it but we don’t get to see them nearly enough and more importantly, we never get to hear what’s on their mind. Hopefully this series will change that.

Every week we are going to bring you three different artists.  Some you know and maybe some you don’t know (yet).  We want to serve them in an intimate “VH1 Storytellers” way so as fans we feel like we are sitting in the room when they tell us about their life or when they start playing.

We can’t launch this series without a big thanks to Chevy for their vision and support.  Beside the fact they make great trucks (somehow all of us here drive Chevy trucks!), their commitment to Texas Music is amazing.  Also to Gary at TXA21 for his vision and commitment to this concept.  It’s not easy to make TV shows and Chevy and TXA21 have made that path as smooth as it can be.

View all of episode 1 at this link!

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